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It’s a life time opportunity; our system is based on immersion within the language environment, interaction with peers, teachers and supervisors who live with the students

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About Our Village

Global Languages Village in Malaysia

Affiliated with MS Asia and endorsed by the International Islamic University Malaysia

MS Asia for Educational Services and Development was established in 2015. The company operates in the educational and human development fields by mainly conducting language courses, training courses, seminars, and international conferences. Since its establishment, MS Asia conducted tens of training courses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and China.


Equipped Facilities

Equipment and facilities that motivate and support learning

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 Cultural competitions, seminars, and lectures.

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Linguistic Immersion

Linguistic and educational supervisor lives with students

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Entertainment Facilities

Sports, artistic activities and recreational trips

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The program is arranged in such a way that the learners of a target second language are immersed in the study of the language in a comprehensive manner as the interaction with peers, teachers, and resident supervisors is maximized since the latter will stay with the students at the same accommodation. Thus students will have maximum exposure to the various language contexts in terms of vocabulary and expressions in classrooms and at their hostel.

Self Development

 Based on immersion within the language environment, interaction with peers, teachers and supervisors who live with the students

Experts have identified benefits of language immersion, including:

  1. A learner lives in an immersive language and thus, he is able to relate what is heard and learned to his own situations, which boosts his self-confidence as his immersive phases continue to evolve.
  2. Immersion allows supervisors to correct mistakes made by learners through their close interactions, especially when learners use the language in a wrong context.
  3. Immersion speeds up language learning and a high level of competence in the second language may be achieved within shorter periods.
  4. Immersion enriches the various skills of learners of a second language and improves his motivation especially when a learner realizes that his language skills dramatically improve and he is able to interact and communicate well with others.

Educational and sports facilities


The GLV provides facilities that are collectively used to create a stimulating educational environment which encourages students undergoing the educational process to attain the maximum benefit.

First: Teaching Facilities:

  1. Classrooms equipped with smart boards and projectors.
  2. Linguistics lab with 30 pax capacity.
  3. Auditorium for seminars and debates.

Second: Student Accommodation and other facilities:

  1. Student Accommodation

This is a new accommodation which encourages learning where pedagogical, educational, and social aspects are the focus. Students live with language supervisors and educators who create a family-like environment where they act as fathers in their own families. This educational accommodation aims to:

  1. Provide an environment that support learning.
  2. Provide activities in line with the vision and objectives of GLV.
  3. Strengthen brotherhood among the boarding students regardless of their nationalities.

There are several residential units, each contains the following:

  1. Four rooms (Two students per room).
  2. Study table and a chair per student.
  3. Two toilets.
  4. Cafeteria
  5. Mosque


Third: Other Facilities

Students of GLV may enjoy facilities accorded to IIUM students, such us using the educational and sport facilities of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education in Pagoh.  Such facilities include:

  1. The Library and Researching Tools:

The library is one of the basic parts of daily academic life. It provides a convenient environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Hence, the surrounding is ideal for researching and self-study, group discussion and presentations. The library offers a great collection of printed and electronic books and references to help students with academic endeavors and encourage them to research and self-study.

The library also has facilities such as discussion rooms, meeting rooms, guest rooms, seminar rooms, multimedia rooms, online library as all the computers in the library are connected to the Internet.

  1. Sport and Entertainment Facilities:
  • Soccer field with running track and seats for the crowds.
  • Futsal fields.
  • Tennis court.
  • Volleyball court.
  • Basketball court.
  • Swimming pool.
  1. Guest House

The guest house HPTP is managed by the administrative department of the Ministry of Higher Education. Rooms are equipped with TV sets, water heaters, kettles, and free towels and pillows.

Visitors and parents may spend time there when they come to visit their children.



The library is one of the basic parts of daily academic life


They are all equipped with smart boards and projectors

Linguistics Lab

Linguistics Lab with capacity of 30 students

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