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About us

About us

MS Asia for Educational Services and Development was established in 2015. The company operates in the educational and human development fields by mainly conducting language courses, training courses, seminars, and international conferences. Since its establishment, MS Asia conducted tens of training courses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, and China. Thousands have attended its programs and courses around the world. The company continues to strive toward achieving its vision and objectives as well as improving performance with its generous contribution to the community. Part of its strategy to improve is to always strive to have partnership with educational institutions and distinguished organizations.

On the back of its success and admirable outcomes in conducting educational programs, MS Asia inked an MOA with the International Islamic University Malaysia IIUM in 2021 for organizing the Global Languages Village project. The collaboration is based on providing a unique educational environment that is matched with the best available teaching and learning elements. This includes having teaching personnel and qualified experts to carry out up-to-date educational curriculums using the best teaching methods, techniques, and styles with intelligent use of modern educational media and technologies. The main purpose is to enable learners to master the language in terms of listening, speaking, reading, and writing at a level that prepares them for university study and the use of language in all areas of human activities.


Our Curricula

Modern and advanced curricula supported by educational means


Our Teachers

Having teaching personnel and qualified experts


Our Methods

Modern and advanced curriculums aided with various teaching tools.



The Global Languages Village is a project that represents a natural evolution for the intensive language courses that MS Asia has been conducting since 2015. The beginning was with a group of scholarship students, then came the establishment of MS Asia’s center for languages in Kuala Lumpur. Later, the concept evolved further and became an educational program with courses offered to boarding students. The purpose was to allow students the maximum benefit by practicing and improving their skills with the resident supervisors staying with them in the hostel.


Vision & Mission


To attain excellence and pioneer the learning and teaching of languages.


Teaching languages to non-natives in an integrated and stimulating educational environment with a total immersion approach where a learner spends most of the time learning and practicing the language.


Why is the Linguistic Immersion Necessary?

Experts have identified some advantages of linguistic immersion, which includes:

  1. A learner lives in an immersive language and thus, he is able to relate what is heard and learned to his own situations, which boosts his self-confidence as his immersive phases continue to evolve.
  2. Immersion allows supervisors to correct mistakes made by learners through their close interactions, especially when learners use the language in a wrong context.
  3. Immersion speeds up language learning and a high level of competence in the second language may be achieved within shorter periods.
  4. Immersion enriches the various skills of learners of a second language and improves his motivation especially when a learner realizes that his language skills dramatically improve and he is able to interact and communicate well with others.