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Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced
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School Holidays Course

At the end of a program, students are conferred certificates of completion that are jointly issued by MS Asia and IIUM.


The study programs aim to improve language skills of students in terms of speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The programs also concentrate on language fluency and mastery of grammar. Our qualified teachers give special attention to students who will be required to practice the language through discussions, role play and group activities. Some general information is given in the table below:

Program duration  Duration Study dates Target

3 weeks

4 study hours + 1 hr activities + educational program in the accommodation Individuals should check for new courses offered or available opportunities through the website, as for groups, they are advised to contact GLV and set an appointment. 14 to 17 years of age.
placement test

There will be a placement test to place the student at the proper level. Student’s progress will be monitored through tests and assessments.


Our fees are very affordable in view of the integrated services rendered by GLV, and the details are as follows:

Fees Description Malaysian Students and International students living in Malaysia International Students

Enrichment and Immersion courses

(3 weeks)

RM 1500 USD 400

Enrichment and Immersion courses (More than 3 weeks)

A request should be made, and tuition fees will be advised by the admission unit once the duration of study is determined based on the GLV financial policies.

The Curriculum
At-Takallum, A Comprehensive Modern Arabic Course
Break down of fees:
  • Airport pick up and farewell at KLIA or at the International Bus Station Kuala Lumpur (International students only).
  • Tuition and educational activities.
  • Books and study materials.
  • Accommodation and academic supervisor.
  • Meals (3 times).
  • Sports activities
  • Entertainment and academic trips including transportation.
  • Continuous educational and administrative supervision.
  • Certificate issued by IIUM and MS Asia.
Items not included in the fee:
  • International students, who are interested in studying the language in Malaysia, should attain student visa. The visa is valid for 6 months and is renewable. Applying for a visa will be through the GLV (Government fee for student visa is about USD500).
  • If the duration of the study is less than two months and the student is from countries that are allowed to enter Malaysia with visa at arrival, in this case, the program will be treated as educational tourism program.